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Dear Friend, 


The InkPad, is a purposeful opportunity to grow in the Grace and Favor of God. The InkPad provides quality purpose or success coaching, using the Word of God to navigate you towards your purpose. 


Habakkuk 2:2 tells us the importance of writing the vision, so it can be carried forward. I truly believe it’s necessary for you to write the vision, so that you can produce and live out the God given desires in your heart. The InkPaD focuses on helping you to the written vision that’s been stamped on your heart by God by helping you set goals and accomplishing them through wisdom and accountability. The InkPad is symbolic to the royal seal, the mandate on your life, given to you by God. You are called, you are chosen and no one else can do, what you are designed to do. 


Why the InkPad? 


An InkPad is a small box that contains a pad of cloth or other material. It is impregnated with ink (the pad is inky). A marker is pressed onto the pad, then onto paper. Any raised marks on the pad leave an impression in ink on the paper.


The purpose of InkPad coaching is so that you, are empowered  to make your mark or leave your impression in this world! The enemy has gone far enough telling you, you aren’t worthy, or will never really fulfill out the desires in your heart. Well, that’s why we are here to help navigate you to your purpose and help mentor and coach you to destiny. 


With InkPad coaching you get: 


Access to monthly one on one mentorship and coaching 

Online small group connections quarterly

Books and Reading discussion for personal growth 

VIP Access to online trainings

Online Booking and Scheduling

Goal Setting and Coaching 

Friend, I would love the opportunity to push you towards success, so much to the point, I am offering my coaching sessions for a small group for next to nothing. If you are serious about this next season in your life, I would love to see you get connected and allow the InkPad platform to be apart of this next season in your life. 



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