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Bid Me To Come Part 2

This was written in 2010.....

I was in the house cleaning up, when God gave me a second part to this revelation. Peter was not in the boat ALONE! The other disciples where with him. They were probably his biggest dis-tract-ors. Can you imagine what they thought, what their reaction was when Peter started having this conversation with Jesus? Are you crazy Peter? It's safe in the boat! I know it's Jesus, but it is safer here! Don't get out on the water! What if you sink?

I can remember transitions in my life and the dis-tract-ors in my life. Are you serious another degree??? You want to much??? You doing to much?? Don't you realize your limitations around you? I would never get another degree...You have kids??? A disabled husband??? You need to work? Here she goes again..Miss Overachiever...nothing is ever good enough...You gone move to that house???...I would never move in that neighboorhood.. You gone start that business...You need a real income....Don't you notice the enconomy..Don't you know that will take up more of your time???

Peter's dis-tract-ors where his homeboys...his mentors..his family..his friends..a bunch of individuals who wanted safety...they really weren't concerned with Peter's personal decision..but with more of what it would make them look like. Really they were saying..don't get out that boat..don't trust Jesus that much!!! You're going to make a us look bad!!! You're going to leave us behind! You're going to exercise a level of faith we aren't ready for! You will have less time for WHAT we need from You! And what happened he listened, because Peter, like most of us wanted affirmation and confirmation from those closest to us. He said MY sheep KNOW MY VOICE. You already heard what He has know what you have Petitioned Him for....In BOLD moments you can't listen to safe people, they will only convice you to stay in that boat! Get out that boat!

Lord Bid Me to Come!  

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