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Get The Weeds Out!

Ecclesiastes 3:........a time to uproot

A friend of mine made a post on Facebook in her status "Every once in a while, it's good to do an inventory check of people in your life...It may be time to pull some weeds so the flowers can bloom!!! This really ministered to my spirit. I began to think of what I knew about weeds. The Holy Spirit led me to this and I posted this response. " Weeds are simply plants that grow in the wrong place..they are usually native to the environment (so sometimes you have to check the environment you plant in). The seeds they produce can actually lay dormant in the soil for years..the weeds are competing for space, water and nutrients..If you don't get rid of them..they will kill out all the delicate flowers that grow. Now think on this..they are also usually "hosts" to other things like pests, such as spider mites, chick weeds..Usually people use kill the weeds and especially the pests.Most people think that you just need to pull a weed up but in order to get rid of weeds properly you have to know their growing habits..(See Matthew 13:24-40).

We all have weeds in our lives. Sometimes it's people, but for the most part it's wrong belief systems (mindsets) . Sometimes we think we are rid of them, but we have not gotten rid of them properly. We pluck them up without understanding why we believe what we believe, where it came from..etc...if we don't deal with it appropriately (with the WORD), it will grow again (because it has laid dormant). And if you don't know what a pest will do in your garden you should go observe one, they eat at your precious garden to the point where it's useless. This next season is a season of transition, it's time for you and I to deal with the weeds.

Prayer: Father show me the areas in my life where weeds have taken over or are growing slowly. Renew my mind so that it is like yours. Give me your Holy Spirit so that I am able to recognize the areas in my life that I am not aware of what's you and what's myself. Give me the boldness I need to uproot them, because there are some things that I have chosen to hold on to. I loose wrong thought processes, negative mindsets, ill thinking, manipulation, haughtiness, pride, deceit, a beggars mentality, perverse (wrong) thinking and speech from my life in the Name of Jesus! I bind my mind to the mind of Christ and bind my will to the will of God. In Jesus Name, AMEN.

Constantly Re-Arranging My Life for Christ,


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