When the odds are stacked against you.

April 29, 2017

When The Odds are Stacked Against You.....


David and his son Absalom have this strange relationship (See 2 Samuel 13-19 for this story).  Not typical for a father and son, nor for a King or heir to the throne. Absalom is never the same after his sister Tamar is raped by Amnon, his brother and David's son. Absalom is determined to avenge Tamar's rape by first killing Amnon, and then second by plotting against his father to take over the kingdom. Absalom is strategic and successful at winning favor of the Israelites and becomes a judge in the kingdom. He uses this as an advantage to over take the kingdom from his father David. David fears for his life, and runs for safety. 


I'm not sure what David, was thinking, when he ran. He had to assume the odds were stacked against him. He seemed to forget that the same God that appointed him and anointed him, was the same God who could deliver him from Absalom's hands. He probably felt like he was due some of this because of his past sins and mistakes, and so he ran. He ran for his life, he ran from his kingdom, he ran to safety, he ran from his promise. He ran from his purpose. He just ran. In David's mind, the odds were stacked against him.  


I've learned something over the last sixteen (16) years of walking with the Lord. No matter what occurs in your life the promises of God are yes and amen (2 Corinthian 1:20). David was already anointed and appointed to reign as King, that didn't change because Absalom plotted against him. That didn't change because he had sinned, and made past mistakes or bad choices. The promises of God and the purpose for his life still remained the same. He just seemed to forget that when he ran, but running didn't change him as being king nor did it change God's plan for him. You will find out later in the story as Absalom sat out to pursue and kill David, the donkey he was riding under, would take him under a tree and his hair would get caught up in the tree (See 2 Samuel 18:9). At this time in the pursuit it looked like Absalom was winning, but God had another plan. Absalom would get stuck hanging in the tree by his hair and would be killed and the kingdom would be restored to David. 


Two things I am reminded here as I deal with the Absalom moments in my life. 1) All things do work together for the good of those that love the Lord that are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28-29). Whatever the Lord promised me or purposed me to do, does not change, He is consistent in what HE has planned for my life. 2) God will deliver me from the hands of my enemies or my current situation,  (Jeremiah 15:21) even if I'm on the "run". He has a purpose for me, and a desire for "that" to be fulfilled in my life, even in my darkest and most overwhelming places. 


I want to encourage you to seek God in your dark places, to trust His voice over the present situation knowing, that the same God that delivered you before will deliver you again.


Prayer: Father I pray that we have a sound mind, one that reminds us in a dark places that you are King and Lord in our lives, and our "present" help. That you will advance like in Psalms 91, when the enemy tries to advance against. We cast out the spirit of fear, and keep our hope and trust in you. In Jesus Name. Amen 


LaKisha M. Johnson is mom, author, motivational speaker, minister and teacher. She is the host of Coffee and Conversations on “Facebook live” Monday-Friday at 5:00 am central standard time and Sundays at 7:00 am central standard time. She hosts a pajama party for women, “Pillow Talk” several times throughout the year, walking them through God inspired truths, while providing a place of vulnerability and transparency to talk. To find out more information on her log on to lakishamjohnson.com and follow her on social media @justbeinglmj.

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