Lay Aside Every Weight...

May 29, 2017

Dear Friend, 



Matthew 11:28 – Come all ye who are heavy laden (weary or burdened) and I will give you rest.


I remember years ago, I got really sick, one day I felt like I had flu symptoms. Those symptoms went away and then I began to develop this rash all over my body. These symptoms were so crazy, this included a trip to the doctor, in which he confirmed that the symptoms were present but he COULDN'T find absolutely anything wrong with me. I began to hear God say, “LaKisha, you aren’t entering my rest.” Funny thing is my uncle, said this to me a month before this. He said, “Make sure you are entering the “rest” of God.” I didn’t quite get it, but clarity and revelation came between scratches, antibiotics and steroids.


The dictionary gives a couple definition of rest. “One in which we cease the movement in order, to relax, refresh oneself or recover one’s strength. The other is “A place to be supported, or to stay in a specified “position”. The Lord began to show me “His rest”, the supported position.


His first instruction to me was to lay aside “every weight”. Those are the things that we carry in our hearts, which we were never meant to carry. My rash, although present in the physical, was an inward manifestation of stress, my ability to not be “in the rest” of God. I wasn’t settled in some things, actually I was anxious, and not at peace. God gave me a revelation, “What if you were to pin everything to you physically that you were carrying on the inside of you?” Fasten them to you with a clothes or safety pin, could you carry those?" I began to think about how much my son’s weighed. Each of them I was carrying heavy in my heart, but when I calculated all five (5) of their physical weight, it added up to around 700 pounds and I know that I couldn’t physically carry that.


God said, “You weren’t spiritually, or emotionally supposed to carry the problems you've been carrying either. Carrying around the extra weight, makes you heavy and prohibits you from entering my rest.” As I began to meditate on this I began to see all of the different areas and people in my life, that I was trying to "carry", those things that were weighting me down and making me heavy. Physically I couldn’t carry them and neither could I spiritually or emotionally. One by one I began to pray and release those things to God. There is a freedom (see John 8:36) in Christ Jesus.


As I continue to grow in the Lord, I realize how light our load would become, if we would stop trying to be Lord and Savior in our own lives, and in everyone else's. If we continue to act like this, then we remove the need of Jesus. I don't know about you, but I know that I am in need of a savior, because I have realized I can't save myself or ANYONE else. Thank you Jesus for reprioritizing my thoughts, to cast all my cares on You, because YOU care for me. 



Learning to Be Anxious For Nothing, 




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