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Praying His Will!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever prayed for a person and it seems like it is not working? As a matter of fact it may seem like the more you pray, the worse it gets. It seems like you are almost praying in vain. I remember one time I had committed to pray for someone for seven (7) days, it seemed like as I was praying, they were just getting worse. I stopped one day and asked God what was wrong, was He not hearing my prayers. God showed me something, "He said, LaKisha, you aren't praying MY will, you are praying the problem and what you think should happen." I was in shock, I thought I was praying for them correctly. God began to show me how to pray His will for the person. He didn't want me focused on the problem, but to pray the solution. His perfect and good and pleasing will is revealed in His word. We know without a doubt that the word works.

How do you pray the will of our Father? You pray according to His word. I know someone will ask, How do we know if it's working? What if it is not the will of the other person? It doesn't matter if it is in their will or not. We have a sovereign (all power and authority are in His hands) God. That means His will supersedes are will (read Jonah). So what is God's will and how should we pray? Here are some simple but powerful things that we can pray.

Pray that:

1) That they walk with God- Proverbs 3:5-6

2) That the eyes of their heart be open and they have wisdom- Ephesians 1:17-18

3) That they surrender to the will of God- Romans 12:1-2

4) Seek the Wisdom of God- Proverbs 11-14

5) That they know their purpose- 1 Peter 4:10

Love You Way More than You Know,


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