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Access denied...

Dear Friend,

I remember when I worked for a particular company, I had access to their internal database from home. I could remote in from home and work. It was such a cool thing to be able to experience. I worked for this company for two years before I started to teach full time, after I transitioned to another position. I remember trying to see, if my remote entry could still happen (i don't know I was bored that day). I tried to access it and my access was denied! It was denied because I no longer was authorized to operate in that capacity.

Imagine if we would deny satan access in our lives. Reminding him that as joint heirs to the throne (see Romans 8:18), that denies access. When we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and savior we gained access to every benefit that comes with the Kingdom of God. Remember that we are to replicate heaven here on earth (see Matthew 6:5-14), which means if there is no sickness, poverty or lack then why would we allow access to it in our lives here on earth. I think we have given satan permission for far to long in our lives, some of us have made him an permanent employee as if he had lifetime benefits. How? Through being in agreement, enabling and giving him permission to say and do as he please. Well time is up! He is not going to go willingly so you are going to have to terminate him and take back control over your life! Send Him notice today, through the blood of Jesus that his access has been denied!

Full of Faith,


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