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Dear Friend, LEGO bricks are a timeless classic. But did you know that no matter the variation of the bricks, all LEGOs are created to fit together? The body of Christ is the same way! Our God is focused on the unity of His body. It’s the only way His Kingdom agenda can be executed. When Jesus gave the ascension gifts to the body, the Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher, they are all different and special in their own way. Each one plays an integral part in building up the Body of Christ! (Ephesians 4:11-15; Romans 12:4-5) Let’s take a look at it from a different angle. You have a daycare worker and 5th grade teacher. Both are assigned to children, with different tasks all within the arena of education. The daycare worker is no less than the 5th grade teacher. So today take a careful examination of why you are here? What’s your purpose? If you don’t know ask God to reveal to you what’s our part in the scheme of life! He will tell you. And when He does, focus on your part and avoid comparing yourself to someone else. Just like the LEGO bricks we’re all made to fit together! And when we come together as ONE, the glory of the Kingdom is reflected and revealed for all of the world to see! Sinking myself into my purpose,


Jessica Thompson M.ED (@jessblessed) is a third grade teacher for LL.OWENS school in Pine Bluff, she is an active member of Canaan Christian Center and the Vice President of Operations for LMJ (LaKisha M. Johnson Ministries)

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