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Undisputed Champion!

Dear Friends,

In the professional world of boxing there are about 16 weight classes. In each weight group, two contenders make plans to meet in a boxing ring with intentions of defeating one another because their ultimate goal is to become the Undisputed Champion in their weight class. These boxers have made a choice to fight in life. We, however, are in a fight that we never would choose each day, as we have an enemy of our soul to contend with.

In Psalms 35:1 NIV it says, “Of David, Contend, Lord, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me. David is faced with his enemies coming against him. In that very moment he didn’t choose to fight on his own, he cried out and asked the Lord to contend and fight for him.

Contend is defined as;

“to compete with a good chance of winning. To compete with someone or for something. To be engaged in a fight, to carry a fight. Face, meet, deal with, tackle, confront.

Whether we recognize it or not, each day we are faced with a contender whose sole purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy. This contender comes through people, places, and things. There are days we can handle it, but there are also those days that we feel defeated. David had revelation that he served an Undisputed Champion. I pray that each of us reading this devotional will get that same revelation. When we ask God to contend and fight for us, we are invoking His aid. We are asking him to give us his inward comfort, for our outward troubles. We are tagging Him to come into the boxing ring of our lives, and move on our behalf. If God is our friend, (according to John 15:15), then it doesn’t matter who or what our enemies are.

One of the greatest boxer of all times, Mohammad Ali, never faced any of his contenders with a mindset of defeat. He always believe that he would be victorious. One of my favorite quotes of his is, “If you ever dreamed of beating me, you better wake up and apologize.” This is the same stance we need to take with the enemy. We should only face our trials, tribulations, setbacks, and sufferings from a place of VICTORY, because we know and serve the UNDISPUTED HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, KING JESUS. He is contending, fighting, and it is a sure VICTORY.

So, enemy we say to you now….”If you ever dreamed of beating us, you better wake up and apologize.”

Contended For By God,


Chanda Mallory is a mother, servant and a woman after God's own heart. She is an Administrative Analyst for the state of Arkansas. She is a mother to four (4) amazing children and proud wife of Don Mallory II. She is coordinator of homeless services and Coffee and Conversations Bible Studies for LMJ Ministries.

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