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Dear Friend, Growing up in Texas we had a water park called Hurricane Harbor. Talk about fun in the sun! I loved all of the attractions except for the Wave Pool. Due to the fact I wasn’t the best swimmer, whenever I went into the pool I always went in prepared with an inner tube. I tried to stay in the shallow end at all times. The wave pool simulated ocean waves every 20 minutes or so and were announced by a loud siren. One time I lost track of the time and my distance from the comforts of the shallow end. I found myself in the middle of the pool! And what do you think happened next?!?!?!? Yup, the siren goes off and here come the waves. I hold on to the tube with everything in me and prayed I didn’t slip off. Each wave rolled in faster and faster. I didn’t fall off but by the time they stopped, I was all the way in the deep end! I then had to doggy paddle back to the edge of the pool where a life guard helped me up the ladder. How embarrassing... But how many of you know that’s exactly how sin works! The Bible tells us in Songs of Solomon 2:15 that it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine. It’s not the big public moments of exposure that destroy, but rather the repetition of the secret events that take place behind closed doors. And just like those little waves, temptations roll in one by one and gradually attempting to pull you out of your comfort zone (where you think you can handle it). If you fall for them then you find yourself in a whole lot of mess! Today ask the Holy Spirit to point out those little things in your life that may be causing you to drift further and further into the deep away from Him where you really don’t need to be. No more drifting,


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