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Right before my eyes...

Dear Friend,

Yesterday I went outside to pray and confess over my neighborhood. I love being outside in the morning when everything is first waking up. As I was standing there and praying and thanking God, I looked up and saw a row of trees in my apartment complex. I just smiled, they had bloomed right before my eyes. When we first moved, these trees were stripped bare. I didn’t understand in order to produce great folia, it was important that you expose the tree to the most sun and adequate amount of water.

It says in John 15:1-2, “That Jesus is the true vine and His father (God is the vinedresser), He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit prunes.” The Greek word for cut off, means “lift up”. A vine dresser lifts up the branches off the ground, so that they can receive adequate “sun” so that they can produce. God does the same for us, often we think He is taking away things from us, when in all actuality He is drawing us close to Him, close to the “son” so that we can produce more fruit. In order for us to reach our harvest our fullest potential, we have to be close to the “son”

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Understanding my pruning seasons,


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