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The Preparation

Dear Friend, I went to college, earned a degree in Biology, and planned to go to medical school. But plans had changed and instead of medicine, I pursued the world of education. During this transition, it seemed as if I had failed. As if I was unsure. And worst that I had wasted time going to college. The few jobs I took after graduation had nothing to do with my degree. But one position I was assigned to changed EVERYTHING! I applied for what I thought was just another clerical position at a local high school. And sure enough, I received a call back and got the job! I was now the Administrator Assistant to the Vice Principal. Granted I had only been a few years out high school myself I knew this would be interesting experience. During my time at this school, I assisted with responsibilities to ensure the school office ran smoothly. I had a front row seat with seeing how to handle discipline and learned the ins and outs of education administration. My principal trusted me and I trusted her. This moment sparked a desire from my childhood to become an educator! I went back to school and did just that. Everyday in the office was a hands on enrichment lesson for where I was headed. The years I thought was in vain where already built in for my victory! I still to this day reflect on moments from the high office to make the right decisions in my own classroom. This experience is what I like to call one of my “Potiphar House” moments. In Genesis 39, Joseph was in a similar situation. He had just been sold by his brothers, became a slave, and now worked as the Administrative Assistant to the Assistant of Egypt! During this time he experienced success and failures, but it was just a set up for the victory in the end! Joseph had an awesome skills set before working in the house. But by the time he left he had learned a completely brand new one. Joseph had learned how to run the Kingdom of Egypt! Not knowing that years down the road his gift would make room for him to actually do that as second in command to Pharaoh. As I encourage you, I encourage myself because there is purpose in the ‘Potiphar House’ moments! Regardless of how it feels or looks; God has a purpose and plan for it...because soon Pharaoh will call for you and your gift will bring you before the King. I thank God for that season in my life because it caused me to see the world of education I was called from a different perspective. Staying faithful, Jess

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