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Legal Authority!

Dear Friend,

Legal rights refer to rights according to law. It exists under the rules of some particular legal system. There is a natural legal system as well as a spiritual legal system and although we live in this “natural” world we are governed by spiritual laws (see John 17:16). We are not of this we answer to a higher court and authority.

It is interesting to see that “natural” law and spiritual law go hand in hand. For example let’s look at the legal term encroachment. Encroachment is the intrusion on a person’s territory or rights. To encroach could be to trespass on your property. Let’s take an example,” If you came home one day, and walked in and there was someone in your house, who had no “legal” right to be there, but was as if they can. You walk in and you see them in your house, eating your food, they have slept in your bed and put on your clothes. They have set up as if they were going to occupy your house as if THEY own it. How would you feel about that? Legally you have the right to defend your property, by any means necessary, once they crossed over on your territory they put themselves in harms way.

Then why at ANY TIME, do we allow the devil, the accuser of the brethren any “rights” to our property, that’s anything that belongs to us mentally, physically or spiritually. Often we allow him to set up shop as if he had the authority to exist in our world. He doesn’t not. The word reminds us he is “like” a roaring lion seeking whom he can devourer (see 1 Peter 5:8), the sad part is he has no authority, he only acts like a lion, he’s actually a toothless cat, a coward. However because he paints himself so big, we give him “legal rights” he continues to bring things to our life like: strife, doubt, fear, sickness, disease and poverty.

At what point do you defend your territory, for me there is no better time than now! It’s time we make a decision, that satan has NO legal rights to our property, what property, ANYTHING that belongs to yours. How? By legally evicting Him with the WORD! Not by might, nor by your power but by MY SPIRIT says the Lord of Host (Zech 4:6)

Warrior Princess on Hand,


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