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Out the Box...

Dear Friend,

I started business coaching, now I know it as purpose coaching about 5 or 6 years ago. My desire was to help individuals, break out the box. To gain new perspective about what God had called them to do. Little did I know how much wisdom I would gain along the way. I didn't realize how many of us live within so many constraints of society. How more we trust ourselves, how little we believed what the Word of God said, and how much more we trusted the World. The World affirms our insecurities, fears, depression, sickness and lack, and it was teaching us self sufficiency instead of being dependent on God. It wasn't until I started coaching I realized, that the design and plan was to keep us in "the box", to make us believe we were only limited by what we see.

God doesn't live in a box, and He has said to us in Isaiah, my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor or my ways your ways (Isaiah 55:8). God's mentality isn't confined to a certain, time and space and continuum. He's God, He created time, space and continuum and so HE can do anything. Any time, we live inside the box of; what's successful, what's popular, what's necessary we miss our opportunity to see and experience the fullness of God. Think about living inside the box, you are only confined to that box, now think about living outside the box, you can experience limitless, endless opportunities.

When I was a little girl I loved Cracker Jacks, I wasn't really interested in the caramel popcorn, it was the prizes in the box. I would spend $1 after $1, trying to get the best prize out that box. I loved the magnifying glass and the tattoo. I felt like I had one something special inside that box. I would shake the box up, until I got to the prize. It wasn't until my dad showed me that I was wasting my money, that I could get the same things but better outside the box, I just needed to look on another shelf. Got you thinking huh? What have I limited myself too, by living inside a box or by looking for a prize contained in a box. You will miss a lot. God designed each of us uniquely, so we could experience life, way more abundantly (John 10:10). He has designed you to live life satisfied in Him, with limitless abilities. It's time for you to get out the box, get in another isle, God has something bigger for you on another shelf.



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