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Under the Microscope

Dear Friend, In science class my favorite part was going to lab. My second favorite part was pulling out the microscopes! There was nothing like observing specimens under the lens. Now, this just wasn’t a glance in the eyepiece and then onto the next task kinda moment. You had to take your time. Once you had your slide prepared and in place, then you had to adjust the quality of your view. See it wasn’t just enough to put under there and say you could see it. You had to identify specific parts of whatever the specimen was. And the only way to do this was by adjusting the focus by using the coarse and fine adjustment knobs. The lens magnified helped you to see the overall picture. But it wasn’t until I used the used the fine adjustment knob that you could clearly see the details. The task of focusing with this knob could become quite tedious. You had to be patient. If not, you would never see what you needed to see! Many times we’ll just look at our heart and say, “I’m good! It’s there. There’s nothing wrong!” In this season, I believe that God is having us take a look at our hearts with the fine adjustment knobs. Taking our time with the help of the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts and pay attention to the details. And asking the hard questions like...Why is this here? What was my motive? What’s the purpose of this? 2 Corinthians 13:5 instructs us to examine ourselves...”to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Can’t you see for yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you...” Let us be patient in the Word. Let us be patient in His presence! Let us be patient with ourselves. Whenever we rush, we’ll miss the details. God wants us to be our best and operate at full capacity! Ask Him for the grace to see the real you and let Him transform you into of His Son (See Romans 8:29) Taking a closer look, Jess

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