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Sent but Not Received

Dear Friend,

Have you ever sent a text message and never had that person reply? What were your thoughts? Did you try texting again or did you leave the situation alone? If you are an Iphone person and it shows delivered or read, did it make you more anxious. For the most part I am pretty laid back and chill, so if I text a person and they don't respond, I will leave the situation alone unless I really need them. For the most part I won't text again unless, I feel the need to, which for the most part is rare.

Because my personality is so laid back, it can be taken as if I am not interested or don't care, but in all actually, I have a huge respect for another person's space, because I would like for them to respect mine. The past week I had texted to check on a friend, that I know had been in a crisis. They never responded to the text so I assumed, they didn't feel like talking. I didn't check back for a few days. This is usually my norm, and often I won't check back at all until, you message me again. Again, I always want to respect your space. But I felt led in my heart to send the message again.

I am glad I did, my friend texted back and said, I really needed you where have you been? I said, "I texted last week, you never responded and I wanted to give you space. I am so grateful for the "screenshot". It saved our relationship. "She texted back and said, "You are forgiven!" (our joke). So what's the message in this? I wonder how many messages are sent but never received. How many times we are in a conversation, thinking a person "heard, or understood or even received" our message but never did? How many of those messages are tangled in miscommunication and bad interpretations? Our conversation got lost in translation. I am glad my pride didn't keep me from texting her again. It also allowed us to have some much needed conversation that we both needed to have in this season in our life. Love pursues (see1 Cor 14:1) and love also hopes for the best (1 Cor 13:7).

Choosing Love Above Everything Else,


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