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Got Jesus

Dear Friend,

Years ago, some of my favorite commercials were "Got Milk" commercials. The point of the commercials was to emphasize the importance of milk to the human body. "Milk does more than build strong bones. Milk’s many vitamins and minerals benefit your overall health, inside and out. From disease prevention to muscle building, milk is an essential part of helping every body thrive."

Those commercials and I don't even like milk, but it made you want to drink milk. You were assured milk will make you more healthy. The ads featured all kinds of celebrities which also adorned milk mustache's in the commercials to show their love and need for milk. The funny thing is, who would have thought we would need a commercial for milk? Everyone knows we need milk right?

I don't know why, but these commercials made me think about the "Got Jesus" campaign and the fact it didn't last as long. The t-shirts and bracelets encouraged you to ask others if they had a relationship with Jesus. They would spark conversation and necessary debate over the need for Jesus. However, I often wonder why didn't they last long? The commercials for "Got Milk" are still apart of the California milk association and their push for a healthier society. And I think it's necessary in this season, that we ask "Got Jesus"? To share the overall benefits for salvation, with our friends, never underestimating that anyone we are connected to knows the benefits of Jesus.

So you Got Jesus? Here are the benefits:

1. Jesus was taking your place. Mark 16:6-15*

2. Jesus took your curses. Genesis 3:17-18, Mark 15:33 and Gal 3:33*

3. Jesus was clothing you. Mark 15:24, Psalms 22:18, Isaiah 61:10*

4. Jesus was tearing heaven open for you. Mark 15:38, Mark 1:10 *

There are benefits at the Cross, and they start with Jesus!

Got Jesus?


*Adapted by Core Christianity

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