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Is Anyone Watching?

Good Morning Ladies (and few gents),

Are you ready to join the ranks of white flag waving, surrendered GiG and end this constant conflict? Life becomes less complicated when we do.

Today’s devotion took me back down memory lane. Mark 10:13-14 NLT reads,

13 One day some parents brought their children to Jesus so he could touch and bless them. But the disciples scolded the parents for bothering him. 14 When Jesus saw what was happening, he was angry with his disciples. He said to them, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children.

I remember years ago watching my son worship and play with abandon, play and worship with abandon. He may or may not have known I was watching, but he didn’t seem to care. However, we adults often restrict ourselves, “I wonder if someone is watching me?”

Please, don’t get it twisted, there are many ways in which people worship and I’m not eluding to the fact that one is better or worse; different maybe, but who am I to say which is better. That’s between the individual and God. You may be a hand raising, isle running worshipper, or the head bowed, tears running down your face worshipper or anything in between. Again, that’s between you and God. Unfortunately, we often want to box people in or tell people how to worship instead of thanking God that there’s worship going on in the first place. OUCH, did I really type that. Uh, yeah.

GiG, what matters is that worship is happening with a pure heart, no hidden motivation or agenda. Jesus longs for us to come with pure heart, ready to worship. Now this may require shaking off our worries, abandoning our traditional way of approaching Him, but it is worth it.

The disciples thought by sending the children away they would prevent them from annoying Jesus. Jesus on the other hand stopped them in their tracks. Sounds like the best plan is to come with childlike faith however that looks, sounds. Remember, children don’t require complete intellectual understanding. They believe if they trust us.

Get the point, Jesus said we should believe in him with this childlike faith. We should not have to understand all the mysteries of the universe (or the denominational protocol); it should be enough to know that God loves us and provides forgiveness for our sin. Now, don’t get this twisted either; it doesn’t mean we should be childish or immature, but we should trust God with a child’s simplicity and receptivity.

May we be encouraged to restore our childlike faith, overcome any insecurities, and simply come to Jesus with unbridled, un-abandoned affection.

Called to serve and encouraging others to thrive,

DEA: Embracing a Work-Hard, Rest-Well Life and Loving My Priorities, Loving My Life

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