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Enjoy Each Day!


This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24 (NKJV)

Dear Friend,

My social media timelines are filled with coaches telling their audience not to waste time and how to be more productive. I see posts saying we should go to bed later and wake up earlier in order to accomplish more. Parents post pictures of their kids at soccer practice and proclaim “I’m tired, but anything for my child!” When I pay too much attention to these posts, I get anxious and question my own life….am I doing enough? Do I have my kids enrolled in enough extracurricular activities? Am I wasting time doing things I like to do when I should instead be building a business, planning my next career move, or chasing purpose? Is my Sunday afternoon nap necessary if I haven’t achieved all of my goals? Can I operate on less sleep? I’ve come to the conclusion that goals, purpose, productivity, career advancement, and kid’s activities are all great, however, I need to take some time to simply enjoy each day.

Don’t allow the busyness of life to consume you so much so you exist and don’t fully live. Taking time to enjoy your day doesn’t mean you have to have hours of time or even a lot of money to do so. I love to read books, watch television, take walks, attend workout classes, and listen to podcasts. Today, I listened to a few podcasts episodes as I commuted. I went on an hour long walk with friends and read one chapter of a book as I waited on an appointment. Find time to do things you like to do everyday without giving into the pressure to accomplish more. What are you doing to enjoy your day? If you aren’t enjoying your days, reassess your life! God gave each of us one life to live on this Earth. Make the most of it!

Today was a good day,

Tracye M.

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