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I Can't Fix It!

Dear Friend,

The Disney movie “Wreck-It-Ralph” has a main character named Fix It Felix. Felix has a golden hammer that can fix anything with just a tap! He could fix faces, walls, machines...basically anything that was broken it would be restored to brand new!

I remember a time at the beginning of my marriage that seemed like it was more of a struggle with no victory in sight. We had longed for children and the first time we were expecting we lost the baby during the first trimester. Then we tried again, with faith in hearts and confidence knowing it would work this was time. In just nine months we’d be holding our bundle of joy. But that wasn’t our story. We lost a second baby about the same time during the first trimester. We were devastated!

In that moment, there was nothing we could do but trust God. If I could’ve fixed it...I would have! If my husband could’ve fixed it...he would’ve have! I read article, after article, and attempted to self diagnose. I tried exercise and changing my eating habits. I tried resting more and even had requested to change positions at work to avoid any lifting. I blamed myself, not realizing that I had no control over the situation! There was nothing neither one of us could do, but trust God!

Beloved, this is not where our story ends! Proverbs 3:5-6 lovingly encourages us to trust in the Lord with all of heart and lean not to our own understanding. And in all of our ways acknowledge Him and would direct our path!

The moment we truly laid it at His feet. The situation shifted. Only a month and half later we found out that we were expecting again. And the rest was history! Let’s just say one wasn’t we wake up to five vibrant reminders of God’s faithfulness! We were given more than double for our trouble! Not only did He restore the two we lost, but added an additional one at the end!

If we could’ve fixed it we would’ve and there wouldn’t have been any room for God! Our only job was to cast our care, get out of His way, and trust Him for the promise to manifest!

Be patient and encouraged today! Our situation looked dead! It looked as if we had no other option but to give up and quit! But God made a way! He breathed life and nothing could stop it from manifesting! That’s the same for you too! What promise has He declared to you? Has it looked like it will never happen? If it looks bleak now just know you’re closer than you think! The stage is set. The promises of God don’t ever have to make sense to this world! Keep believing and thanking God...You’re on the brink of your miracle!

And remember life’s too short to live stressed when you’re JessBlessed!

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