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Who walks away from their Job, and leaves behind their sustainable income? Oh, That's right, the disciples did! Any time you pursue purpose, it will cost you something! I've experienced it, personally. In June of 2018, I left my full time teaching position at a local University, to pursue "the call" on my life. I was scared, overwhelmed and excited at the same time. I was clear, but unsure. The crazy part is, it wasn't the first time that I had started or "launched" something. 


It was in my heart to write something that would encourage my fellow entrepreneurs in their journey of pursuing their purpose. The journey hasn't been easy and has been filled with many successes as well as failures. 


The Launch is a 10-Day Devotional, full of transparency, scriptures and prayer. It is for the entrepreneur, the ministry leader, the new couple starting a family, or for anyone who, has ever  wanted to start anything! It is full of encouragement and takes you through the process of the beginning of ministry and entrepreneurship. It gives you the tools to stay encouraged and keep moving forward! 



Little Rock, AR, USA