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Our Lead Servant


LaKisha M. Johnson would tell you that Jesus is the hero of her story.  Having experienced great loss and grief throughout her life, she has personally experienced comfort through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Empowered by the same words spoken to the children of Israel (Jeremiah 29:11) she is firm in the fact that God has a plan for her life. Her hearts' passion is to see the lost and broken restored and experience the fullness of the life that we are to live in Jesus Christ.


LMJ as most call her has a strong desire to hear God say well done and lives a life following Jesus Christ. She is known, for her quirkiness and her wit, even as she shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her podcast/radio show, Coffee and Conversations w/LaKisha (hosted live at 5:00 a.m cst).


Nothing is more important to her than her devotional relationship with God her five (5) sons, five (5) Grandsons, and her community. LaKisha loves to write and is often caught somewhere in a corner reading. She has over 20 years of experience in service to her community as a teacher, community advocate, trainer, grant writer, mentor, and coach.

Community Leaders

Our community leaders are the backbone of LMJ Ministries!

Director of Social Media and Marketing

Josiah Johnson

Director of Outreach

Chanda Mallory

Director of Operations

Jessica Thompson

It's our volunteers that make our organization successful, if you are interested in volunteering for our organization in capacity send an email to

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