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For Women, By Women...........

Pillow Talk for Women is the ultimate pajama party for women. It is a place built on transparency, love and vulnerability. The event comes with food, a journal and biblical tools to help us no matter where we are in life. The venue location is emailed once you are registered. Pillow talk is for women, by women. 

Pillow talk for Teens, is an ultimate experience for teen girls. It is for girls ages 12-17. It offers a place for young girls, to discover who they are, their purpose and to develop a healthy self image and understand God's expectations of them as a young lady in Christ. 

Pillow Talk for Couples is either a four (4) hour session or weekend retreat for couples. These sessions promote transparency, help strengthen relationships, and provide couples the environment they need so that they can reconnect with each other and God's purpose for their marriage.

Pillow Talk was created for women by women! It's an intimate place where a woman can let her guard down, be affirmed and discover who they are. It is small group setting but you must come prepared to do the work. 

It comes with food and a journal and you leave with memories and lasting friendships. 

The location is shared a week before the event. If you have additonal questions just email us at info@justbeinglmj.com.

Email us at booking@justbeinglmj.com to schedule a pillow talk in your area.