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They are weak but He is strong..

They are weak but He is strong….…. By LaKisha M. Johnson

Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

My grandmother when I was little played the Piano. I remember sitting in the living room listening to her play, she wasn’t the best singer, but she could play well. She would always sing, “Jesus Loves Me”, to me and my sisters. I remember really listening to the lyrics one day, thinking why I would want to be weak, weak people don’t get anything done. Weak people let people run all over them; weak people will never accomplish anything. And in fact, my perception was wrong. I think for years, I have interchanged the words meekness, with weakness, as most of us have. The world doesn’t teach us how amazing meek people are, they have taught us that they are in fact weak and useless.

Blessed, are the meek for they inherit the earth….for years I thought being “meek”, was a curse, but the more I spend time with God, I understand it is a gift, one that will inherit the earth. Meek people, understand that their strength is in Christ, that they don’t have to always stand and fight, that they don’t always have to run into evil (Proverbs 1:16), that they don’t always have to be bold. They understand that there meekness, allows more room for the grace of God.

Have you ever met a confidant meek person? Most of us haven’t, because the World has taught us, meekness is a sign of weakness. When Jesus clearly, said, "they will inherit the earth". If you are meek, then you walk in peace, with love, joy, patience, goodness and self-control (Galatians 5:22). Why because you understand you serve a God, that sends the angels before you. You are steadfast in the fact that it isn’t necessary for you to be boisterous, loud, and authoritative, that you can be comfortable in waiting on God, to do exactly what He said, He would do in your life.

Prayer: Blessed are they that are meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Thank you for the promise of an earthly inheritance by being submissive to you. In Jesus Name. Amen

LaKisha M. Johnson is mom, author, motivational speaker, minister and teacher. She is the host of Coffee and Conversations on “facebook live” Monday-Friday at 5:00 am central standard time and Sundays at 7:00 am central standard time. She hosts a pajama party for women, “Pillow Talk” several times throughout the year, walking them through God inspired truths, while providing a place of vulnerability and transparency to talk. To find out more information on her log on to and follow her on social media @justbeinglmj.

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