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Training ground for their lives..

Training ground for their lives….…. By LaKisha M. Johnson

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Have you ever been on a job were you have been poorly trained? I have, it was one of the most frustrating things. I wasn’t prepared and I knew it, I had spent maybe twenty (24) hours with the person. They walked out my office as if they had done a good job, and said, “Let me know if you have any questions.” I just looked like oh ok. I was not properly trained, I wound up being effective with my job, but it was only after I had made several mistakes.

As parents we have to realize that we are the training ground for our children. We are the ones that prepare the kind of life they are going to have. Even if they live contrary to what we have taught them, they will eventually return to it. So ask yourself? Am I modeling and training them the way that I want them to go? We are their spiritual and life production centers, what they learn from us, is how they will go throughout life. Someone of us have missed significant things in our lives and regardless whether or not we know it, we may be duplicating those behaviors. I will admonish you to tap into the Holy Spirit for the wisdom you need to raise your children, it’s not too late. Here are some basics I apply to my own life and with my own children. Being a mother of five (5) sons I have had to learn to navigate this carefully, sometimes with many mistakes.

  1. Be patient with them, when you are being “trained” you will make many mistakes, that’s how you learn what “not” to do. Remembering that love is patient. 1 Cor 13:4

  2. Be careful how you rebuke them or discipline them, what words you use around them, remember they are still just kids. Ephesians 6:4 and Colossians 3:21

  3. Be watchful of the amount of responsibility that you put on them, sometimes we can’t help their roles in the house, especially if you are a single parent, but they need to be able to experience life stages, they need the opportunity to be a kid, without a lot of pressure. Proverbs 13:12

Prayer: Holy Spirit we need you, to help us become better parents. Help us to raise Kingdom kids, with Kingdom mindsets in Jesus Name. Amen

LaKisha M. Johnson is mom, author, motivational speaker, minister and teacher. She is the host of Coffee and Conversations on “facebook live” Monday-Friday at 5:00 am central standard time and Sundays at 7:00 am central standard time. She hosts a pajama party for women, “Pillow Talk” several times throughout the year, walking them through God inspired truths, while providing a place of vulnerability and transparency to talk. To find out more information on her log on to and follow her on social media @justbeinglmj.

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