Do The Root Work!


Dear Friend,

This weekend my roots were exposed and I had to go to work. What do i mean about that? Yesterday we talked about pride, and how sneaky it is in our life, today as I spent time with the Lord, I needed to know the why or really the where? Where did this pride in my life come from? I thought I had dealt with most my issues. What happened, here? The Holy Spirit begin to show me, when the offense came (my friend and i got into it) my roots became exposed, there was an area in my life, that was still sensitive and it was well rooted in my heart.

Pride was my defense mechanism for dealing with the pain of my past (the insecurities and the low self esteem), what happened in between my friend and I occured because I couldn't find validation in our relationship, the reason I thought I needed validation, was because I trusted them with intimate places in my life, i trusted them with my friendship and my love, and I felt as if they violated what i trusted them with. Instead of me dealing with this from a "sober perspective" I allowed pride to come to my defense, and as difficult and painful the situation was, I am actually glad, because it exposed a "root" and allowed me to see an area in my life, in which there was still "root work" that needed to be done.

John 15: 1-7, reminds that God our father is the vine and we are the branches and if we are to remain in him, then the pruning processes is necessary for us. He has to expose the roots, so that we can remain in love, in peace and in His perfect will for our lives. This process was so painful for me, but it allowed me to search the areas in my life and ask myself. Why did i respond like this? Is this how God would want me to respond? Where did it really come from, what was the root of it? My friend, I want to challenge you to do the "root" work to, abide in the most High so that you can free yourself from the pain, and sensitve places from your past. I promise there is a freedom that will come to you and a "joy" that he promises you in John 15:9.

Constantly re-arranging my life for Christ,