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What's in your hands?


Dear Friend,

What's in your hands? What do you have around you that God can use? Most of think we don't have enough, or that we need to acquire more to be used by God, and God is saying you have something that I can use? We often sound like Moses when God was telling him to go and talk to Pharaoh, "I can't Lord, i am not qualified to do this, i can't speak. God is simply saying, you are right, you aren't qualified enough, I qualify you. All i need you to do is go with what you have in your hand, I am telling you it's enough.

Exodus 14:16, "Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelite's can go through the sea on dry ground." God used what was in Moses hand, his staff and his willing obedience to Him. That's all he needed what was in his hands, to walk out in his purpose with God. So stop thinking you don't have enough, and start thinking God, how can you use what's in my hands, it is not much. Think about David and Goliath, David use the immediate resources around him, 5 smooth stones and a sling shot to defeat his giant, all he needed was in his hands. And all you need is in your hands as well (your gifts, talents, experiences and even your mistakes). So stop being afraid, and disqualifying yourself, God has already qualified you and said you are enough. You don't have to provide the miracle that part is in is in His hands. He just needs to use you to provide the opportunity. Your hands and your obedience

Your blessing is tied to your obedience!

Re-arranging your life for Christ,


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