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Joy comes in the morning...

Dear Friend,

Can I share my testimony with you today? I've been in some very dark places, I mean some very dark places. And as transparent as I have been there are some things that have happened to me that I can't even articulate, but what I do know is that God has been good to me. And you know what I can say that even after a miscarriage, after the death of my husband, my aunt and even had some friends and loved ones turn their back on me. I found in the midst of this how much God loves me!

There has been so much pain in my eyes, even behind the mistakes I have made. But I finally know what it means in Psalms 30:5 "For His anger endureth but a moment, and in His favor is life; weeping may endure for a night but JOY, definitely comes in the morning, It's an indescribable feeling that seems to take over you one day. It's the realization that through it all Jesus, has opened so many doors. That His grace completely sustains me, when I thought I couldn't make it, when it seemed unfair and when it seemed unbearable. Jesus sustained me. His grace and mercy endureth forever (Psalms 136). I can go on and on about what He has done for me, but I would have to write an entire book.

So i need to encourage you, in the darkest of spaces is where I really found God and understood how much He loves me! I know that even in my most painful places, that God has me. Some of it was just my growing pains. God is no respecter of person, please know that your joy will come too. So hold on to the promise of your morning!

I got my joy for mourning.

May His Peace Be With You and His Joy Overwhelm You,


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