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Are You Two Faced with God?


Dear Friend,

Let's be honest, no one likes a two-faced person. I know i don't. Someone who is one way in your face, and then acts a completely different way when you aren't around. You see them coming and they are all smiles and they have so many compliments for you, they believe in you and in what you are doing. Then as soon as they leave you, all the negativity takes place. They talk about you, they doubt you, they question your ability to be who you are. When they get with certain friends they act like you don't exist.

If we can admit sometimes, we are like that with God. In His face (prayer time or at church) we act one way, and then as soon as we get out of His presence, or around different company we act a completely different way. James 1:8 says such a man is double minded, and unstable in his ways. I know some of you are like hold on LMJ, i do NOT slander God's name, I don't talk about Him about him behind His back. So let me ask you a few questions? You ever doubted God? You ever walk around with a bad attitude? What about being a little self centeredness? Are any of those things you? In the face of God you are one way, but when you are out of His face you act a different way. Isn't that being two faced? James describes one who is indecisive in prayer, will be indecisive in his actions. Read James 1: 22-26. Your prayers are worthless if you don't believe what you pray.

I need to be honest with you, my two-faced moments with God have caused an instability in my spiritual atmosphere, it leaves me tossed to and fro like the waves of the sea. My angels don't know what to go do for me. I've found when I'm like that I haven't found the stability that comes with His grace. If I don't believe what I believe then who will?

For more on being Two-Faced with God, check out today's video on Coffee and Conversations with LaKisha:

Constantly Re-Arranging about Christ,


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