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God Your Father!

Dear Friend,

As a mother of 5 young children, its a joy to help them. No matter how great or small the task, its in my innate nature to nurture and help them.But there comes a point and time in their lives where they begin to feel as if they don't need me as much as they as I think they do. They'll give me the response, "I've got this!" Or something like, "Let me do it by myself!" And in that moment I take a step back. I used to get in my feelings and begin to think to myself, "My kids really just think they know it all. If only they'd just listen or let me help!"

God reminded me that I do the same exact thing with Him! He's a great Father and "longs to be gracious to us! (Isaiah 30:18)" Every time I have a task before me and He tries to help me through His word of wisdom or instruction...just like my child I respond back, "I've got this!" Luke 12:30-31 Tells us that "He knows everything you need" and in order to tap into His wisdom "we must seek Him first!" Yes He wants us to bold and confident, but our confidence should be in Him! Once I saw this from His perspective I asked the Holy Spirit to search my heart and give me a praying spirit so I would hear from Him about every thing I should do. And the more I talk to Him the clearer His voice becomes in my ear. He wants us to walk in faith and not in foolishness because life's way too short to live stressed when you're JessBlessed!



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