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THIS is a divine pregnancy...

Dear Friend,

I love when couples talk to me about their planned pregnancies. I am always so excited when I hear them say, we waited or we wanted to travel first, or we wanted to focus on our career’s first. I think it’s such an awesome thing. However those of us, who are compulsive, sometimes reckless and we happen to have pregnancies that aren’t planned. You know those, “How did this happen?” Unplanned pregnancies are scary, it seems like they always happen at the inopportune time, they affect the next sequence of events in our lives. Unplanned pregnancies have so many parallels to our spiritual lives.

For example, I thought I would always teach college, finish my PhD and move up in ranks in academia. Lo and Behold (I like using those words they seem so biblical) God had a different plan for me. There was something else that resided on the inside of me, a different vision, and unplanned pregnancy. I was about to give birth to something I didn’t feel like I was prepared for, nor did I understand. I was out my comfort zone and I didn’t even feel like I was qualified. I understand now how Mary (See Luke 1:26-56) felt, I know what it means to have a supernatural unplanned pregnancy. It feels like that too, you feel awkward at first, you don’t know how to describe to other’s what happened, most the time you say things like, “There was this thing…….. I don’t know an angel……. an encounter, or something.” People stare at you like “Oh Ok!” (You can see them walk off, like this girl is crazy).

However I have found out (if you don’t know this by now, you should), your plans and God’s plans aren’t always the same. You know (Jeremiah 29:11) your purpose vs. His purpose. God has a way of doing things His way. I wonder how Paul felt when he was on the road to Damascus (with his edict from the King), walking out what He thought was his purpose, until He encountered the one true king (See Acts 9)!!!! I know Mary nor Joseph (I love how God gives us Partnership for our vision) felt qualified for the job to raise our risen Savior, but it was the divine part of their destiny.

You may be experiencing an unplanned birth, a situation that you didn’t expect, something that you didn’t think would manifest in your life, our God has the ability to do that to us sometimes. He will give us things that we didn’t ask for and simply say, “Here I need you to be responsible for this!” I need to tell you something, if He gave it to you, He will provide for it, prepare you for it and help you with it. This is a divine partnership, the unique part of your destiny (Romans 8:28). I know it’s unfamiliar and scary but don’t abort that baby (that’s what we attempt to do with unplanned pregnancies), THIS is a divine pregnancy.

Walking Into My Destiny,


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