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Kingdom Benefits...

Dear Friend,

The word possession is defined as the state of having, owning and controlling something. The saying possession is nine-tenths of the law means that ownership is easy if one has possession of something but it is difficult to justify ownership if you don’t have possession of it. I truly believe as Christian’s we miss taking ownership of the things that God has given us because we can’t “see” it in our possession. The reason that we don’t see it in our possession is because we don’t understand that it was the benefit package that came with accepting Christ in our life (see Luke 6:47).

Like what things LMJ are you talking about? I am talking about the benefit package that you possess for being a child of the most High King. Most of us who have worked before understand that full–time jobs come with a benefit package, retirement, health insurance, vision and dental. Anyone who knows about the cost of maintaining health knows that utilizing your insurance benefits is better than having to pay out of pocket expenses. Most benefits come not only with intervening services (when you sick or in an emergency), but also with preventive (things that maintain your health) services, called routine care. Would you pay for something and not utilize it?

God's Kingdom, works the same for us, although we didn't pay for it, we were bought with a high price. "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your body -1 Cor 6:20. I remember my mom's company (before she retired) paid for ALL the benefits for her employees, do you think they sat around and didn't use those benefits? Nope, they used their benefits, because they realized the advantage that came working with that company, was to be FULLY INSURED.

God is saying to us, I need you to use your benefits in Christ Jesus. YOU are FULLY INSURED! He WANTS you to take possession of His Kingdom benefits. As His child you have a benefit package, one that provides healing, provision, protection and favor. Because we think we can’t see it (see Romans 1:17) it, we don’t take possession of it. Instead we walk around hoping, wishing struggling with things, allowing the enemy to encroach on our territory because we don’t understand who our KING is, and the advantage of being apart of the Kingdom Company. There is no way that you seek the Kingdom, and don’t reap the benefits (see Matthew 6:33). So how do you access these benefits? Study the Word of God (read the employee benefit book), become conscious of your righteousness (see Romans 1, Colossians 2:10, 1 Peter 2:24, Romans 8:26-31 and John 3:16) , and where you have unbelief ask God to help you with the unbelief (see Mark 9:24). Take possession of your benefits, make them your truths and gain perspective of the life God wants to give you. Ask God, what is it I need to possess?

Summary of Benefits:

1. Our sins are forgiven

2. We've become a new creation

3. Healing and deliverance

4. We have eternal life

5. The Holy

6. We have a relationship with God

7. Relationship with others

Your Benefit Representative,


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