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A slow leak....

Dear Friend,

I had a tire that had a nail in it one time, I didn’t realize that the nail was in the tire, as a matter of fact I didn’t even think to considerate because it was a brand new tire on a brand new car. So I never thought to look for a problem with the tire because it seemed functional there was nothing wrong. One morning it was cold and my tire sensor alerted me that the pressure in my tire was low; still I assumed nothing was wrong because they were new tires. I was taking care of them so the tire pressure alert must be wrong. It wasn’t until I went in to get my oil change and my tires rotated that I received notice that there was a nail in my tire and I had a slow leak. I asked, “How was that possible?” The man showed me was the nail was so embedded in my tire that I couldn’t see it.

Our spiritual lives can become the same way, we can be “sold out” for Christ, but not tuned in. God began to show me the difference between Peter and Paul. Peter was sold out for God (see John 18) but he was not “tuned in” had been tuned in, He would have never denied Christ. Paul on the other was sold out and tuned in, even when he and Silas were flogged, persecuted and placed in jail their attitude was that no matter what happened they knew that God had this under control, they were living out the words of God’s mouth (Matthew 4:4). They were firm in the promises of God, they were firm in what God told them, why because they believed God in His very word.

Well what does this have to do with a slow leak LMJ? Had I not gone in for my routine maintenance I wouldn’t have found the nail. Peter’s slow leak (his fear) had been exposed (See Matthew 14:23-33). This was his slow leak, so when the pressure was on, he responded with what was inside him, fear.

God provides spiritual check-ups on along the way, that is why we should fast (see Matthew 17:21) so that those slow leaks, or things inside of us get exposed, especially when we are sold out (often we think nothing is wrong). It is not enough for us to be sold out for Christ, if we are not sold out and tuned in. Where is your slow leak? Spiritually I had a slow leak, I missed it because I was sold out. God showed me according to Matthew 4:4, how I was trying to live by physical bread, and not spiritual bread, it almost cost me my life. Ask God to identify the slow leak, so that He can reset you and you live the life you are intended to live in Christ. He will reset you!

Watch today’s Coffee and Conversation: Sold out and/or tuned in:

At my 1000 check up,


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