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Half Full.....

Dear Friend,

Imagine going to the drive thru at your favorite restaurant and you get your order and everything is only half full. They only gave you half of your fries, half of your sandwich and your drink cup looks the exact same way. Everything is in half, you would be livid, upset. I didn’t not pay for half of a meal;I paid for a full meal. I am sure you would storm back in, and demand a refund or your money back. Now imagine how God feels when we only give Him, half of our life. (I needed to submit the emoji eyes right here).

My friend, too many of us have been living half full for too long. We have so many trust issues (see Proverbs 28:26)that they keep us from walking in our full potential. God paid for our lives in full, what if He decided He wanted His payment back (Jesus) (See John 3:16), where would that leave us. God is an all or nothing kind of God, a jealous God, a God looking for some divine partnerships that say, "You know what I am ALL in. I am willing to trust you, with ALL my life not just some, I am willing to go ALL the way, since you have gone ALL the way for me (see Proverbs 3:5-6). Won’t you consider that? Why don’t today you carefully examine your life, and look at the places in your life, in which you haven’t fully committed to God, and allow Him to restore your broken fellowship and show you how to walk in an intimate relationship with Him, one that is FULL of faith.

Yours in Christ,


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