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Relationship Check...

Dear Friend,

Have you ever thought about that? How do I see my relationship with God, I mean, I know we all have certain scriptures we quote and things we say, but how do you really see Him? If something happens or doesn’t go your way, what’s your view of Him? The children of Israel said they knew Him as deliverer, but as soon as they were put in uncomfortable circumstances, they forgot about who He was and what He had done for them (see Num 21:4-5). They complained and they blamed God, instead of seeking His wisdom about what to do next. Why would God deliver you from a situation for you to die in another situation, it makes absolutely no sense?

We have to clearly define our relationship with God! Who is He to us? What is our history? How do I see Him now? Have personal have I made Him? Am I still fearful of Him? Do I worry at times that He doesn’t love me because of the mistakes I have made? Do I think I need to be perfect to have a relationship with Him? God demonstrates Himself to us all the time, as love (see John 4:8, John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:4-5) , as power (see Jeremiah 10:12, Psalms 33:9, Heb 11:3) and as redeemer (see Isaiah 59:20, Ruth 14:14, 1 Cor 16:20). So today is a relationship check, act like you are in a counseling session for your marriage. Take time and describe and look at how you view God. Ask Him to show you what type of relationship He desires to have with you? Ask Him to show it to you in His word? After all you are the bride and we his church (see John 3:29).

Your Relationship Coach,


P.S. Remember the enemy the enemy desires to sift you as wheat (Luke 22:31) , he knows if you don’t understand the relationship between God and you, then you won’t walk in the power and authority given to you. God didn’t create you to merely exist, He has a purpose and Plan for you!

Go Be Love Today!

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