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A tug of war...

Dear Friend,

One day when I was about six years old, i remember being on the playground in a very awkward situation with two of my friends. One little girl was an older friend from last year, she and I had not really played together much that year she had come to grab me to play on the swings with her and while the other little girl my new friend, came to get me to play kickball in the field. I remember both of them having one of my hands saying, "LaKisha I need you to come with me." I remember how torn and confused I was. Although I liked the swings, i really preferred to play kickball. Kickball was my life, and I was such a good kicker, I was torn between choosing something I used to love to do, and something I really love to do now.

I think often we find ourselves in those positions with our past. We become so comfortable with what used to be, that we won't move into what we love to do, and what "needs to be". We are literally in a tug of war with our own selves. We feel the yearning and desire to move towards our future, but something from our past keeps holding on to us saying, "No come back this way." Paul said it best in Philippians 3:13, "Brother's, I don't know everything, nor have I attained everything, but this one thing I do know, it's important that i put those things behind me, and stretch toward to the future of what God has called me." Paul understood, that his past was his past and that if he was ever to become everything he needed to be, he couldn't hold on to what was behind him. You can't walk into your future still holding hands with your past. So that day, I went and played kick ball and I remember my friend being disappointed and saying, you love the swings and me thinking, yes I used to. In order to really enjoy the fulfillment of the future, consider letting those things that are connected to your past.

Constantly Re-arranging My Life,


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