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Grow in Grace...

Dear Friend,

I grew up in an environment that taught me a lot about sin, but not much really about God's grace. I was taught to repent if I had sin, but I wasn't really taught how to receive His grace and to be restored. So anytime I operated or did something I felt was less than what God, expected of me (some of that I didn't even understand) then I would be ridden with guilt and overwhelmed with fear. We are supposed to have a reverential fear of God (the desire to never want to be from his presence) but we should understand the extension of His grace. If we don't understand His Grace we never walk in the fullness of our relationship with Him, and understand the necessity of Jesus. I used to spend so much time trying to get it right that I forgot about God's grace and love.

Genesis 4:6, "Then the Lord said to Cain, "Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? All you have to do is do what is right? Sounds good doesn't? The Lord was trying to teach Cain about obedience. The disobedient act was a problem, but what was even a worse problem, was Cain's inability to try to get it right again. He was so frustrated and angry with God's response that He didn't realize that God was extending him another opportunity to get it right. His anger, frustration, downcast attitude made Him miss his opportunity for grace. It wasn't that it wasn't available to him, but his attitude didn't let him see it or receive it. God doesn't love us based on our attitude (See Ephesians 2:8-9).

Even after Cain killed Able, God's redemptive love was extended to Him again and again (God's purpose still had to be fulfilled through Him). We can't forget about God's grace and redemptive love, if we forget it then there is no need for Jesus in our lives. Most of the time we hide or run from God's redemptive love, just as Cain did. And God is looking for you to admit your fault, so that He can restore you. Most of us don't even ask to be restored, we just accept a rendered judgment (that God doesn't pronounce, He gave us Jesus) when God really wants us to accept the grace and experience the relationship. Jesus was and is our GRACE. His desire is to love and restore. Think of it from the point of a parent, do you stop loving and believing the best for your kid because they messed up? Of course not, or you shouldn't (see Matthew 7:9). Ask God to show you His redemptive power in your life, He's waiting to restore you. This is the compassion that comes with Christ. Sin has NO WEIGHT that the glory of God can't handle. My Friend we are growing in Grace daily, but we have to accept that is God's will for our life! Let me leave you in peace with this...

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.2 Peter 3:18

Grow in Grace,


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