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Dear Friend,

A few weeks ago, I told you that i was going to get a plant and take care of it. Well I did. I asked my mom for one of the plants from my grandmother's funeral. I chose a small plant that seemed healthy and would not require a lot of work. The plant had a pretty purple bow and a cute basket that it was in. I set it in a place that i thought it would be conducive to its grow. I knew that when I got it home, I would probably need to water it so I did. I noticed as I watered it some dead leaves at the base of it. I knew enough to pull those off and keep going. The next few days when I went to check on my plant, i began to notice more dead leaves again at the base.

As I was pulling those leaves, I asked the Holy spirit, why are dead things only at the base? He said, "LaKisha the ribbon and the basket aren't conducive to the living plant, they are inanimate objects that can't produce life. Every place the plant connects to them they can't grow."

I removed the ribbon, because even though it looked really pretty it wasn't conducive to the growth of the plant. I noticed a few days later, in the places in which I had moved the ribbon that leaves were starting to grow, but there were still some brown places, I noticed that those leaves were touching the synthetic basket that it was in. Living things were not meant to connect to inorganic synthetic things. They aren't conducive to the growth of the living thing. Our lives are much like this plant, we are living spiritual beings, and we aren't created to be connected to things that aren't conducive to our growth (see Galatians 5:16-21). Deadheading is the process of eliminating the dead things on a plant, taking away the buds and things that are not alive. However proper potting, watering and care is necessary as well. This week, we are going to work on the proper care for our spiritual lives, making sure we are properly planted and growing so that we can experience the fullness of the Kingdom in our lives.



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