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Uprooted to be replanted...

Dear Friend,

Today was the day! The day i uprooted my plant from the old pot to put it in the new pot. I have to admit, I was nervous. I wasn't sure that I would do the right thing. I went back and I read the directions again and made sure that I had everything I needed so that I could be successful in re-planting this plant. I will admit that every fear that I had from not being successful in taking care of a plant rose up on the inside. I had to calm my fears and remind myself that this wasn't like last time, this time I had new information, a different wisdom and a different hope.

I wonder if this is how Abraham felt when God said to him, "Abraham, leave your country, your father and every thing familiar to you (i am paraphrasing see Genesis 12) and go where I tell you to go. I am going to turn you into something great, but you have to leave what's familiar, and you have to follow my instructions and you have to trust me, even when it seems like it doesn't make sense. I am sure he was nervous, and fearful. However he had a desire on the inside of him to be much more. I am sure that he even thought God may have been a little crazy, because he was old, how was he going to father nations and he hadn't even had kids yet? But something in him knew that in order for him to be re-planted (walk in his new season to seize his new territory), he was going to have to be uprooted.

Well I transferred the plant to the pot, was it successful, it appears to be, I followed all the instructions. All i can do now is trust the process, which is the same for us in our relationship with God, after all He is the vine, we are merely His branches, sent to represent Him (see John 15:18).

His Kingdom Come,


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