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The Impostor...

Dear Friend,

Have you ever met someone who always has something negative to say about something? They complain about everything, if you tell them it's a good day, they will talk to you about the rain cloud they saw two miles back. If you pay them a compliment about how good they look, they will tell you what's wrong with their shoes. They walk in a room and find something wrong with everyone and everything. They suck on lemons instead of turning them into lemonade. Every other day, something is wrong or they anticipate that something would go wrong. They are usually high achievers, but still don't think anything they do is good enough. I used to have a friend just like that, but I had to unfriend her. I had to make a decision that we couldn't be friends any more. She was so negative, and I found out a liar as well. I wasn't going to continue to have someone like that in my life. Now I know some of you are saying, what about "walking in love"? I couldn't love her any more, she was destructive and actually living life as a fake. Oh by the way, that friend, was me.

I was negative about everything while pretending to be positive. After awhile I got tired of seeing myself coming around. I always had something negative to say about something. I appeared to be positive, but I was living a secret life. Sure I was praying (but i was canceling those prayers out with my negative mouth), I looked the part, I was going to church (sometimes), but I wasn't living a life that reflected Christ. I was having repeat patterns of behaviors and results. I used to think I thought this Christian thing was supposed to be better for you. What I found out, was that I was playing Christian, I was an impostor. I was living according to my works (church attendance, prayers and a few other programs), and not according to my relationship in Christ. A relationship with Christ, reflects a relationship with Christ and mine did not. It looked like i was accomplishing a lot but I really wasn't accomplishing anything. My life reflected that of an impostor, looked good on the outside but behind the scenes, I lived totally different. One day I got so tired, of the heaviness I was living. I began to search in the Word what a life in Christ revealed. Galatians 5:16-22 began to provide me with a road map of Christ's character. It gave me the recipe for living without condemnation and guilt (which produced a heaviness) and taught me how to live a life free in him. Negative Nancy changed to Perky Patty and I began to see life from a half-full perspective instead of half empty. Aren't you tired of just enough? If you will make a DECISION today, that you want more of God, I can GUARANTEE your life won't ever be the same, and it will be for the better and not worse. Take the mask off, it's time for you to walk in the fullness of who God called you to be, and nothing less.

Re-arranging my life for Christ,


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