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Do You Love Me?

Dear Friend,

I remember in grammar school passing around a note or receiving a note in school, a very special note. Everyone wanted to receive this note in school. It was a love note, one that was folded neatly and as you would open it up, you may see little little hearts and these two boxes. The words that would nearly grasp your heart. Do you love me? With two boxes and you were to check yes or no. Most everyone hoped and wished they got a check yes, no one wanted to be told no. How is it that at even a very young age, we understood that we needed or wanted love?

Our ability to want, to desire and need to feel love, is because we were created out of love. God checked "yes" a long time ago, when he said let me make "man" in my own image (see Genesis 1:26). As we are made in the image of God, then we can only conceive that we were made in love (see 1 John 4:8 and 1 John 4:16). If God didn't love you, then you wouldn't be here nor would he have purpose for you. (see Jeremiah 1:5) You are here because God loves you! He started thinking of you and how He would use you on this earth. You were uniquely designed for God by God for the purpose of God. He desires that His glory will be manifested on this earth, and one of the ways he does that is through you. He created you to be and receive His love. That's the way HIS love goes...

In the Love Zone,


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