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The Ultimate Blessing!

Dear Friend,

I would be amiss if I told you this journey of mine had been easy, rewarding and fulfilling but not easy. Any time you make a decision to answer "the call" (go into ministry, start a new business, move etc.). You make a decision to stop living in "familiar" and experience your extraordinary life (read Bruce Wilkerson's the Dream Giver), this isn't easy and very uncomfortable to say the least. Often we want validation "a blessing" from those around us who are closest to us, we look for them to say go for it, I believe in you, you should do it. However, what we are often faced with is, resistance in forms of questions, "Are you sure?, Are you qualified?, Is this a good decision?, I am not sure that I would...

When I made the decision to walk in full time ministry (LMJ Ministries, SCSS and YOGirl Inc.), I knew that it was risky. I was agreeing to leave the life behind of what I knew (college professor and philanthropist), to walk into my divine destiny. I didn't have all the clarity, I just had the prophecy and heard the voice of the Lord clearly. I knew that If I didn't I would never be satisfied. I knew there was more to me than how I was serving, that God was showing me a "people" that needed me, and all He was asking me to do was to follow Him and feed His sheep (see John 21:17). I knew if I spent too much time calculating the risk, that I would reject this, I would run, I would hide, I would keep moving as usual. I also had a need and yearning to receive "the blessing", the speech that you want and desire from those close to you that validates your reason for what you are doing. However, what I've learned is you may never... the way that you think that you should.

Last night I was reading and meditating. I came across a scripture in a book and I will be honest I balled like a baby. Esther 4:14 says, "For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?" This...... this was the confirmation, this was "the blessing" Godsaying "I set you apart LaKisha for a time such as this." I singled you out, I am the one that sets the blessing over you, and not anyone else. I have to be honest God has utilized many people in my life, to encourage and say to me, "keep going", you are making more impact than you realize, those moments are the moments that I use to infuse me and encourage me when I need it the most.

I just wanted to encourage you today , "Keep Moving Forward", God has already set you apart. He made you the "object" of His love (see Jeremiah 1:5), He has already spoken a blessing over you, that will not return void. So if you never hear it from those closest to you, God has already blessed and ordained you. Today, I pray you walk in the peace that I have found, the one that confirms I am on the right path, created for God, by God for the glory of God. May the Lord Keep and Bless Thee, May His face shine upon thee and be gracious to thee, in Jesus Name. are on the right course.



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