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Snared by the words of your mouth...

Dear Friend,

I remember when I lived in a rural area. we were having a raccoon problem. A raccoon kept getting in all of our trash. My neighbor who is an avid hunter, fishermen decided that he was going to set a trap. He purposely set a trap out in front of his house near his trash can. He placed the trap and some treats in front of the trap for the raccoon. The next morning I have to admit, that I was impressed by the fact that he had caught the raccoon. Although the raccoon was smart, he was so easily entranced by his "senses" that it was easy to trap him.

We are often the same way, lead by our emotions and our senses. Instead of being cool, calm and collected we often respond to the environment around us quickly. Quick responses are usually dangerous. The bible warns us numerous times about the words of our mouth. James 1:19 warns us to be slow to speak and quick to listen. Matthew 12:36-37 cautions us about our idle words. My favorite Proverbs 6:2, "You have been trapped by the words of your mouth." In other words you have given permission and authority for calamity to come into your life, by the words you choose to use. Choose your words wisely, as your life depends on it because it does!

Putting A Guard Over My Mouth,


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