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The Fine Print!

Dear Friend, Don’t you just love those moments when you watch the commercial with the best deal of the century...only to read the fine print and find out you have to jump through hoops just to find out your not eligible to redeem the deal! Life is kind of like that. The world projects images before us like this all the time. While the Holy Spirit is speaking to us in the fine print with the detailed, important information. The world always wants us to focus on the broad projected image. While the Kingdom operates on the truth of the fine print.

I don’t know about you, but I want the real deal. We never want to gain all the things that props us up to just look a certain way. Why settle being the fake version when you’re the original prototype! Take the time to focus on the truth and stop being moved by the hype of an image. Proverbs 4:27 says, “Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.” It’s time to get rid of the distractions and focus on Him. The quality of your clarity will always effect your perspective. Focusing on the fine print,


Jessica Thompson M.ED (@jessblessed) is a third grade teacher for LL.OWENS school in Pine Bluff, she is an active member of Canaan Christian Center and the Vice President of Operations for LMJ (LaKisha M. Johnson Ministries)

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