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The Good Shepherd

Dear Friend,

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about me dating and getting remarried. He looked over at me and said, "You are so strong, you are so independent and you have your own opinion, most men will be intimidated and have a hard time with that, women like you don't like to be led." I sat there for a minute, because I thought that was quite funny. The characteristics he described came from survival, character, development and life. In my former life, I could have agreed with him, but now, i felt differently. It had nothing to do with my ability to be led, which is determined by my spiritual life, which is rooted in Kingdom.

Now at some point in my life, submission and leadership were a problem, I was defiant and thought that I knew more or better than anyone. I was rebellious I thought my way was the best way! As I began to devote more time with God, I began to learn the rules of the kingdom, and God's divine order and plan for our lives. I began to understand in leadership, "there is protection, provision and direction (see Psalms 23). When we have difficulty being led, or allowing God to be shepherd in our lives, it's because we don't "trust" His process. When there is difficulty in trusting the process it's because we are operating out of our "broken" places. Our broken places, tell us to trust the truth of our pain, instead of trusting the "process" of God.

I looked at my friend across the table and laughed, "I said, my independence, and opinions and strength have nothing to do with my ability to be led, but only the "right" shepherd will see that...

Sheep begat Sheep,


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