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This little light!

Dear Friend, In my baby’s room we have a night light. I needed to use the outlet so I unplugged it and set it on the floor. It wasn’t until night time I realized I forgot to put it back in the wall. When my husband asked why it was so dark, I told him the light was in the room. But he couldn’t see it because it wasn’t plugged in! How powerful is that! He has called us to the light of the world and to let our light shine! Matthew 5:16;John 8:12. But if we’re not plugged into the power source which is Him, we can be seen in this dark world. If you’re not plugged in it doesn’t change the fact you’re light, it simply means youre not fulfilling purpose and can’t be seen! Challenge yourself, don’t just be a light in the dark room thats not plugged in. Tap into Kingdom and let your light shine! Staying plugged into my life(light) source, Jess

Jessica Thompson M.ED (@jessblessed) is a third grade teacher for LL.OWENS school in Pine Bluff, she is an active member of Canaan Christian Center and the Vice President of Operations for LMJ (LaKisha M. Johnson Ministries).

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