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Leave the light on!

Dear Friend,

I remember a popular hotel commercial when I was younger from Motel 6 several years ago. The tag line was "We will leave the light on!" It was one of the longest running commercial's ever. The message Motel 6 was hoping to convey was, we don't have to offer you a lot of theatrics, we just offer that down home feel. We are offering you something simple, yet it will satisfy and meet your hotel needs. I believe that is what Jesus is saying to us this very day, " I will leave the light on for you, I will give you the comfort that you need and satisfy each and every need.

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me (See John 14:6). Jesus was saying, i am the way to get what you need? I think every once and awhile we need to make a fresh commitment to God. Today is a perfect opportunity for you to renew your relationship with Christ or to begin one. I think today is a day for you to make sure that you are receiving all that God has to offer. Sometimes in life we stray away from the light, it's not always intentional, but what I love about God, is what was emphasized with Motel 6, "We will keep the light on for you!" God always leaves a space for us to come home, for us to renew our faith and for us to grow closer to Him.

Re-arranging my life today,


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