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GPS (God's Positioning System)

Dear Friend,

Today I am sharing a devotion written by my dear friend D. Andrews. I think it is necessary for today!

Good Morning Ladies (and few gents),

Today’s devotion included below “When You Wonder if God is Concerned About You” is a reminder from GiG Sharon that, “Make no mistake about it. He has not left you. Never has. Never will. He speaks to us and waits for us to turn aside and listen.”

GiG, there are several ways in which God guides us. We mustn’t forget that He designed us with a purpose in mind. He loves us and has a specific, unique and glorious destiny for us. He promises to guide us. And He always keeps His promises. Amen!

I’d like to encourage us with a tidbit of truth that’s often overlooked—God’s purpose for us is bigger than our mistakes. I know we’ve all made mistakes in life, but thankfully God has not stopped guiding us. The Holy Spirit is likened to a GPS in our vehicles. Our God Positioning System (GPS) recalculates when we take a wrong turn and then reroutes us. Like a vehicle GPS, God never gives up until we reach our destination. There is varied voice patterns used to provide instructions on a GPS depending upon the manufacturer specifications. Some purchase a system with the voice of their favorite actor/actress. I have a Garmin GPS in my car. The voice isn’t great, a little more computer than human, but not totally annoying either. Sometimes I use my GPS just in case I get sidetracked or traffic is heavy even when I know where I’m going, in case I want to go a different direction in mid-route. So I can either choose to ignore the directions or switch it off, but if I follow it, it often makes my journey more enjoyable and peaceful. There have been times however with a regular GPS, that a new route has been added that the GPS isn’t aware of but that never happens with God—my God Positioning System always is aware of my circumstances. And eventually, my GPS will tell me ‘You have reached your destination.’ This is true for my God Positioning System as well—destination reached—heaven.

Is this a perfect analogy? Absolutely not. God is not a machine and is always with us on our journey. He wants to communicate with us and has promised to guide us.

I was reading online recently and this statement caught my attention, “There are five main ways in which God guides us (the five CSs): Commanding Scripture (the Bible) Compelling Spirit(the Holy Spirit) Counsel of the Saints (the church) Common Sense (reason) Circumstantial Signs (providence).” Now that’s a mouthful, but simplistic enough for my mind to wrap around. God guides and I follow, most of the time. OUCH!

Lastly, the theme in Psalm 48 is what I want to draw your attention to today. God’s presence is our joy, security, and salvation. He is our defender and guide forever.

GiG, we often pray for God’s guidance as we struggle with decisions. What we need is to surrender to both guidance and a guide—a map that gives us landmarks and directions and a constant companion who has an intimate knowledge of the way and will make sure we interpret the map correctly. The Bible, God’s Word, is such a map, and the Holy Spirit will be the constant companion and guide (v.8-14). As we make our way through life, we must use both the map and our Guide. Our final destination awaits.

Have a “Travel” Tuesday, April 25, 2017—take hold with map in one hand, Guide in heart

Called to serve and encouraging others to thrive,

D. Andrews

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