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Stay with the flock!

Dear Friend,

I love animal planet . I am always interested in the segments in which we can watch wild life in it's natural habitat. My favorites are when we get to watch predatory animals catch their prey. I have watched endless hours of the lion and the lioness as they hunt for food. It never ceases to amaze me how they hunt and capture their prey. One interesting thing I have noticed is that any time a poor animal strays from the flock, they put themselves in position of getting attacked easily. I have found myself yelling at the screen, "Stay with the flock, stay with the flock!". But to no avail, they are captured and eaten.

1 Peter 5:8, warns us by telling us that our enemy is on the prowl, looking for whom he may devour. One of the things he looks for is an isolated individual, someone who has experienced church hurt, who tries to do it on their own (face life) and without anyone else. He knows if he can get you isolated and on your own, you are more subject to attack and easy prey (same for the animals who stray). That is why God told us to stay with the flock (see Hebrews 10:25). He knows that we are better with other's than we are alone. Other's help gird us with truth in Christ Jesus, and keep us safe, they provide accountability and in the midst of a crisis that is necessary. I've known suffering and hard times, I thought being myself would be better because I also felt shame, but it wasn't. The time that I spent isolated were more tormenting for me, than times I spent with other believers. So stay with the flock, they are your strength when you aren't strong enough for yourself. So stay with the flock...

Safe in His Arms,


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