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Don't Back Peddle...

Dear Friend,

I remember when I got my first ten (10) speed bike. I was eight (8) turning 9, I was so excited. I was tall for my age and most of my friends in my neighborhood were a little older than I was, so super excited to have a ten-speed like all of my friends. We lived on a hill and i was a risk taker, so I was more excited to be able to ride down that hill on this bike. I remember when I got the bike, my dad told me, "Now, LaKisha don't back peddle, this isn't like your other bike, if you try and back peddle it will throw the chain off." I said, "Yes sir and smiled".

I was really enjoying this bike, and all of the things that I could do on it, it was so much easier to ride than my other bike, i could shift gears and ride it without hands, I was learning to master the bike, or so I thought. One day, we were at the top of the hill and we are going to go down, I was looking for something exciting to show my friends. I set my gears so that they would be super easy, I started down the hill and thought "I wonder what would happen right now if I back peddled, maybe the bike would go backwards?" I had already received instructions on not to back peddle, but why not try it? This may produce the "glory moment" in front of my friends. I am sure you can pretty much imagine that this didn't go as expected. As I was coming down the hill, with no hands, I started to back peddle and my chain popped off, in the midst of this my heel got caught on the peddle (which had plastic spikes) trying to stop myself from crashing and I eventually fell. I had cuts on the back of my ankle and crashed my bike.

God gives us instructions to prevent mishaps, to guide us through life, because father knows best. For example, he told Moses don't tap that rock (see Numbers 20:10-11). God says to him, see hear are the consequences because you didn't trust me (Moses never got to see the promise land), he was more interested in pleasing the people than pleasing God. I was more interested in impressing my friends, than listening to my dad's rules. Lot's wife was the same way, she was more interested in her past than obeying God's instructions (see Genesis 19:26). It cost her, her life.

I want to encourage you today, don't back peddle. Follow God's instruction's what are the things that He is saying to you or said to you for this season for your life, trust them to be your ONLY truth and don't worry about impressing the people around you or, hold on to anything in your past. Don't back peddle, because you could crash.

Blessings to You in a Mighty Way,


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